Inspiring spaces, unexpected luxuries Enter into a beautifully orchestrated world of lifestyle enhancing experiences in the heart of the City. What if we told you that an Exclusive membership to the Seven Eleven Club can change your life? Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes; sometimes it’s in the form of every experience you could wish for. Where finding some time to unwind and enjoy a laid-back lifestyle may seem like a challenge. However, if you’re part of the elite, you can set your own path and live life king sized! At The Seven Eleven Club , we’re all about the premium lifestyle and exceptional  taste. Designed with the top-tier residents of the city in mind, The Seven Eleven Club is a place where you can enjoy the luxe life with pizzazz and flair. The plush interiors of our banquets, spa, restaurants, a 40 Seater Private Movie Plex, the largest swimming pool in town  and recreational zones are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities are designed for a personalized experience that keep our members coming back for more.  From sports and training programs with the world’s best coaches, to the perfect setting for a social night with perfectly curated delicacies. Our world-class hospitality has every amenity to cater to our members’ aesthetic, taste, and style. Be inspired, meet with like minded individuals and embrace our philosophy to improve and enjoy life to the full. Come, join us to experience private luxury in life. Seven Eleven Club has many benefits waiting to be discovered Get In touch with us for memberships

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