This is THE BON BON LOUNGE , Where Nightlife  Comes Alive…And true to that name, it is all you want it to be. Conceptualized around the elements of opulent, classic design and modern technology, The lounge is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. Enjoy an interactive nightlife experience with the famed kinetic ceiling Lights , world-class service, and an unforgettable night with VIP lounges , designed lush leather couches, mahogany tables, and unmatched acoustics. The immersive environment of the main club is wrapped in intricate beauty and decorative finishes. A colossal lighting system cascades throughout the entire club’s main room that bring the layers of architectural wonder to beating life. Slipping into the Heart of THE BON BON LOUNGE  is like discovering your detour is a destination in and of itself. For aficionados, eager to experience the finest, THE BON BON LOUNGE  offers the largest documented selection of whiskeys on the menu along with iconic concoctions definitive of the Golden Age. From Cappuccinos to Cocktails, Teas to Tequila, Mocktails to Malts, it gives you every reason to cheer, sit-back and party Apart from this you can Host Corporate parties , wedding party, or private event, THE BON BON LOUNGE  provides you with ample opportunities to completely customize your space and bring your event vision to life. Each area provides a unique ambiance, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for your special affair.


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