India is one of the world’s most ethnically diverse and vibrant countries. It’s no surprise, then, that Indian wedding ceremonies are incredibly rich in culture and tradition. Indian wedding traditions are known for their opulent displays of colour, music, and dance, as well as their elaborate ceremonies and rituals that take place over several days.

The wedding rituals themselves begin 15 days before the wedding, with Barni Band-hwana, where a piece of thread, called Mauli, is tied to the hands of both the groom and his parents to humbly request a safe wedding day from the gods.

The next step is Mayara, the “Maternal Uncle’s Ceremony.” He brings gifts for the mothers of both the bride and the groom, including the dresses they will wear at the wedding.
The traditional Indian wedding itself is a ritual of three separate events: the Sangeet and Mehendi, the ceremony, and the reception celebration.”

The Wedding Ceremony

As part of Indian wedding traditions, the ceremony begins with Kanyadaan, a ritual where the bride’s parents give their daughter away to the groom. The Pandit then ties their ceremonial scarves together, and the bride and groom join hands to prepare for the Mangal Phera ritual. Hand in hand, the bride and groom walk around the ceremonial fire 4 times. Each turn represents a major goal in their future together: Moksha, spirituality; Kama, personal gratification; Dharma, morality; and Artha, prosperity. In a practice called Havan, the couple is then given a mix of herbs, flowers, and rice which they offer to the sacred fire to complete the prayers.


The next ritual is called the Saptapadi, where the couple takes 7 steps together to show their support for each other in a happy marriage. Each step represents a vow that they make to each other. The Pandit then offers blessings for an abundance of happiness, children, food, and prosperity. 

The Reception Feast

A reception feast is a must for Indian weddings and will often have anywhere from 300 to 500 guests in attendance. The buffet is replenished throughout the night to keep it looking plentiful and ensure that no one goes home hungry.

Like most other wedding styles, the reception will also have professional photographers, videographers, a DJ, florals, Favors, and cakes, all on a more extravagant scale.

With over 500 languages and 6,000 dialects, the diverse cultures and religions of India shape today’s wedding ceremonies, and so Indian weddings vary based on their region of origin. Many different rituals that are part of an Indian wedding ceremony also can take place over several days.

As one of the world’s most religiously and ethnically diverse lands, India boasts unique, culturally rich wedding ceremonies that run from elegant and sophisticated to beautifully intricate. Part of the complexity stems from the concept that when an Indian couple marries, entire families and communities are involved.

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